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11 May
Cash Flow Management & Debt


Pursuing financial freedom begins with a clear understanding of cash flow management and effective debt handling. In this illuminating webinar, we delve into the essential principles of managing your cash flow – the lifeblood of your financial well-being. Learn how to budget, track income and expenses, and optimize your cash flow for better financial stability.

But that's not all – we also tackle the challenge of debt. Discover strategies to reduce, consolidate, and ultimately eliminate debt. Our financial advisor - John Collins, will share his valuable insights on creating a realistic debt repayment plan and regaining control over your financial journey.

Join us in this transformative webinar as we empower you with doable techniques to efficiently manage your cash flow and pave the way toward a debt-free future. Your financial freedom awaits – secure your spot today!

Here are all the topics to expect:

  • Webinar 1: Building Savings (Why and How to)
  • Webinar 2: Cash Flow Management & Debt
  • Webinar 3: Proper Protection (The Financial Foundation)
  • Webinar 4: Wealth Strategies and Your Health
  • Webinar 5: Asset Accumulation Strategies
  • Webinar 6: Retirement and Kids' College Funds

Date and Time

Sat, May 11, 2024

1:00p - 2:00p EST


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