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Retirement Planning Worksheets

Retirement Planning Worksheets

October 03, 2022

Retirement Planning Worksheet

Recently, a survey found that approximately half of Americans plan to retire before age 62. That sounds like a wonderful option, but before it can become a reality, you must wipe out debt, and savings must be sufficient to live your chosen lifestyle. 

It can happen if you manage your finances carefully, invest wisely and begin saving now. Creating a retirement planning worksheet is an excellent way to get started. A retirement planning tool helps put your finances in order before you jump into retirement.

A retirement planning spreadsheet is a valuable resource to help retire early. It

  • Keeps spending under control
  • Organizes expenses and income
  • Creates a long-term plan
  • Provides for some fun
  • Helps evaluate needed changes
  • Outlines retirement

Keeping Spending Under Control

No matter when you plan to retire, you need to save money. Spending is the biggest obstacle to saving. It is necessary that anyone who plans to retire build significant savings. Putting together a retirement planning spreadsheet helps keep spending under control. You can see areas where too much is being spent and others where spending is less than anticipated. 

Organizing Expenses and Income

Sometimes it seems that as soon as money comes in, there is an expense with its name on it. On payday, money goes toward food, saving, bills, and other expenses. What remains is a fraction of what you thought would be left.

Track money coming in and going out with a retirement budget worksheet. Make it as specific of broad as you like. If want to keep track of how much you spend on entertainment or fast food, include a section in the worksheet that tracks money for those things every month.

Creating a Long-Term Plan

Retirement planning software is an excellent way to plan for the present and future. You can build a spreadsheet with equations that account for saving, interest, and spending that show how money grows over the years. Available templates help you choose the appropriate equations without toying with complicated math. You see how diversifying money helps grow it faster while providing a level of security and comfort.

Planning for Some Fun

This adage, ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,’ holds some value. Make room in your budget for some fun. You will see what you can and cannot afford. You also can plan for fun during retirement. Whether your retirement plans are reading on the patio, perfecting a hobby, or traveling, you can make room for your goals by using a spreadsheet to build a retirement budget.

Evaluating Needed Changes

A retirement budget worksheet makes managing money daily easy. Input income and expenses to help see where the money comes and goes in real-time. You can use it to plan for the future. Playing with numbers allows seeing how things change if you ramp up savings or do not save as much. A properly set up worksheet makes it easy to create projections of finances five, ten, or 20 years from now. 

Outlining Retirement

Anyone contributing to a 401(k) plan has access to the balance and projections of how much money they will have. You can use the information to estimate the needed monthly dispersals when retired. A retirement planning calculator creates a budget sheet that outlines retirement. 

A retirement expense worksheet includes the cost of living, monthly bills, and money for fun. The outline gives you an idea of what you can afford to do when you retire. If you do not have enough set aside, the spreadsheet helps move numbers around to get you where you need to be. 

Retirement Planning Worksheet Resources

The retirement planning spreadsheets below help plan your financial future and experiment with investment, savings, and withdrawal rate scenarios. Preparing for retirement requires careful planning. A spreadsheet is an ideal tool for the job. It provides an accurate picture of what retirement may look like. You see where to make changes to achieve your retirement goals. 

Google Retirement Spreadsheet Planner

This easy-to-use and flexible Retirement Planner spreadsheet estimates investments and savings values into the future. You can toy with growth rate scenarios that project outcomes in real time. It is powered by Tiller, which automatically pulls daily transactions, spending, and balances to show where you stand daily.

Microsoft Excel Retirement Planner

This accessible template allows you to set retirement goals and determine the savings needed. You enter your current age, salary, investment return information, and savings, along with your desired retirement income and age. The retirement planning template calculates and charts the required annual savings and earnings to achieve those goals.

Google Retirement Planning Spreadsheet for Couples

Couples manage their joint and individual finances in many ways. Most have investments and savings accounts from various sources. Understanding the contribution both parties bring to retirement can be challenging. This spreadsheet can help. It is configured in British pounds, but you can change the currency in Google Sheets


Whether the goal is retirement at age 35 or 75, tracking net worth keeps you organized and speeds the process. It is a powerful way to stay attuned to your financial standing and makes preparing for retirement easier.

Retirement planning worksheets help make smarter money decisions for long-term financial health. Having general awareness is an excellent idea for several reasons. You avoid common pitfalls and are forced to consider what expenses will continue into retirement. Some will increase, others will decrease, some will disappear, and new ones will arise. Having a grip on what spending looks like at the present means being better equipped to handle the future.